“HospiCare Diagnostics Management System” for Diagnostic Centres, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Polyclinics

A medical diagnostic centre involves a gamut of activities, ranging from sample collection to delivering the final report. Each step is crucial for providing an accurate patient evaluation, and manually maintenance is prohibitive to controlling high volumes while maintaining quality. To this end, we have designed a user-friendly system to automatically maintain the operation of any diagnostic centre and at every scale – from Nursing Homes and Polyclinics to Hospitals.

This Diagnostics Management System is an integrated modular client server system that supports automated filing of investigation reports, querying data from previous appointments, to delivering results to all stakeholders. It currently supports all medical modalities, such as Biochemistry, Haematology, Serology, Culture / Sensitivity, Radiology, Sonography etc. The Diagnostics Management System software can be used for easy automation of any Clinical or Medical Diagnostic Centre.

Our Diagnostics Management System supports multiple users and can be integrated into different locations simultaneously, creating an automated central repository. It is a sub product of our Hospital Management System and covers every need of a large Nursing Home or Hospital.