HospiCare – The Complete Hospital Management System

Information technology is touching every facet of modern life, and medical care is no stranger to its benefits. By automating day-to-day functions and requirements, healthcare professionals can focus on the bigger picture and what really matters. Here at GreyMatterTek, we recognize the huge daunting task it is to manage a multi-speciality hospital. In association with Simplesoft Technologies, GreyMatterTek has developed a Hospital Management System (HMS) that automates day-to-day financial and administrative duties for hospitals, nursing homes, pathology labs, and polyclinics. It is a highly customizable and tunable software platform that is also GST-enabled.

Starting from in- and out-patient management to pharmacy inventory, O.T. Management, diagnostics, HMS takes care of every single data and document need for your enterprise. Contact us today to determine how GreyMatterTek can help improve your tomorrow.